Freitag, 22. Januar 2021

Crossing the divide

An exploration of existing divisions and continuities across Europe in the ethnic origins, cultures, social contexts, migratory patterns, education and employment of its peoples.


  • To encourage young people to recognize their developing European identity whilst continuing to respect and value national and cultural characteristics.

  • To foster in young people an appreciation of the importance of past experiences and present realities in preparing for their futures.

  • To provide young people with opportunities to attain and improve their fundamental skills (technological, numerical, communicative, presentational, problem-solving, cooperative, autonomous) and gain greater understanding of the increasingly important role that they are likely to play in their lives.

  • Procedure

    We started our project with a common questionnaire tackling different subjects that concern young people in all European countries. Then the participating schools started working on individual subjects according to their interests.

    Download: Questionnaire and results (PDF).